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Events 2022

Laura Fox

A folk/soul singer-songwriter from southern Maine. An intimate and engaging performer, she writes about love and the lack thereof.

Dates TBD

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Sully Fest

Get outside and enjoy good music, good eats, and great company. Artist info coming soon!

Sat. September 17th 3-8pm

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A local father and son duo that play a mix of folk, rock, and blues. Their tunes will get your feet moving and put a smile on your face.

Sat. July 16th 5-7pm

Sat. August 13th 5-7pm

King Kyote

Harken to a night of whiskey drinking in a cabin among the pines, King Kyote echoes the yells of rock n roll's forefathers while having a deeply rooted harmony with the blues, folk and singer-songwriter genres.

Dates TBD